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Plus Consultants Pty Ltd. is a global business with professional partners located in the Middle East, Asia, UK, USA and Canada. We provide an extensive range of services to assist applicants in the preparation of different visa applications through to settlement and ongoing support throughout every stage of processing visa.

There are two divisions, namely, Plus Migration and Plus Education, which have been established to cater directly to the specific needs of our clients. Plus Migration provides immigration visa advice and processing services for Australia and Plus Education assists international students who wish to study in Australia, Canada and the United States, from initial education consultancy through to migration and settlement.

Our managerial team are experts and have accumulated many years of combined professional knowledge, and expertise within the industry as well as know first-hand the issues that applicants face when applying for a visa.

We are registered with
Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARN 1175604)
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC J411)
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC J347)


Our vision is to foster excellence in our advice and support through global exchange and to bring hope to our clients in this global era through education, cultural understanding and support as well as preparing them to dream a world beyond their current imagination and to guide them through their journey into the future.

We define Plus Consultants Pty Ltd and all our decisions by the following values:

Trust: We foster our corporate culture upon trust and honesty

Respect: We foster and encourage respect for our clients, staff, and associates all over the world

Professionalism: We act within an ethical boundary, ensuring professionalism at all times

Responsibility: We take full responsibility for our actions

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Our Company

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