Migration After Graduation

After Graduating from University in Australia….what are my visa options?

Are you wondering what to do after you graduate from university and you want to stay in Australia? What are the options available to graduates? Most students want to work to earn an income.

There are a few options available to you if you have finished studying and you are interested in extending your stay in Australia. You can:

   1. Apply to study again and we can assist you with the appropriate student visa
   2. Go on a holiday here and we can assist you with a visitor’s visa
   3. Work and live in Australia temporarily or permanently

The most popular visa option available to graduates after graduation is:

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Temporary - Graduate Visa

This visa will allow you to work, live and travel in Australia.  You must have studied in Australia for at least 2 years prior to graduation to be eligible. The Temporary Graduate visa is a temporary visa valid for 18 months (or more depending on pervious study/course) and will allow you unlimited travel in and out of the country.

This visa has two streams:

Graduate Work stream is recommended for international students with an eligible qualification who have graduated with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List. A visa in this stream is granted for 18 months from the date of grant.

Post-Study Work stream is for international students who have graduated with a degree from an Australian education provider, regardless of their field of study. This stream is only available to students who applied for, and were granted, their first student visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011. A visa in this stream can be granted for up to four years from the date the visa is granted, depending on the visa applicant's qualification.

Once this visa is granted, you can work, live and study in Australia on a temporary basis.  As a condition of your visa, you must find suitable employment during this time.

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Other Visa Options

Please also note, there are other migration options available to eligible students / applicants including the skilled independent visas and work visas.

Please contact us for your Free Migration Assessment.

A Warning for students with a visa that has EXPIRED or is about to EXPIRE.

Please check your visa expiry date to avoid this from happening.  If your visa has expired, you need to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection immediately. If your visa has expired for more than 28 days an exclusion period may be imposed which means you may not be able to return to Australia for at least three years.

Australian Migration Services

At Plus Education we not only specialize in Student Visa, we also specialize in many Australian visa categories including:

  • Student Visas
  • Guardian Visas
  • General Skilled Migration
  • Family Visas
  • Spouse Visas
  • Parent Visas
  • Business Skilled Migration
  • Resident Return Visas

Our professionally trained registered migration agents can assist with all visa and immigration requirements. 

As professional migration agents, we adhere to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority Code of Conduct.

We are here to help you achieve your dream to visit and stay in Australia !

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